Colorado: The Magic of Bramland

I have been shooting the Brams for a long time.  (I have also been making myself chuckle at that particular phrase for a long time.)  

Back to my point.  Along with the confidence builder of having clients stick with me from my (not so fabulous) photographic beginnings, there are lots of good things that develop in a long term client/photographer relationship.  Among them, the comfort level of the children with me (and the adults, for that matter!).  An elevated trust level.  A specific rhythm that developes when everyone just kind of knows how this goes.  A higher bar, artistically speaking, as I find myself more motivated to surpass my previous performance than that of another photographer (in the case of new clients).  Increased participation/creativity from the client, as they are familiar enough with my style/limitations/abilities to contribute, brainstorm and participate in the artistic component of the session.  

All of these (and more) were things I enjoyed at the Brams' latest session.  

We wandered around the Heritage Center in Lakewood, CO for a few hours, doing everything from creating Roly Poly habitats to dodging random rain showers to picnicking peacefully by the lake.  The Bram's super fun and laid back style was (as ever) energizing to be around and I ALMOST packed their kids in my suitcase to bring home with me. (Shhhh... don't tell.)  

For so many reasons I'm glad to have this family in my life and today I'm thrilled to share some of the magic of Bramland with the world... enjoy your previews!