Colorado Preview: The Frandina Clan

Today's dose of honesty:  I was worried about this session.

Worried about the weather.  Worried about the 4-year-old's willingness to cooperate.  Worried about the 1-year-old having thrown up all night.  Worried about having both grandmothers involved (and the usual tension that comes with that much possessive nurturing).  Worried about ruining my camera in the rain.  But mostly I was worried about not living up to artistic expectations I had put on myself for this fabulous, stylish family.

These were the thoughts running through my head as I stood on the corner of 15th and Rush, shivering in the rain, strongly considering cancelling the session.  Thank God I didn't.

I heard them before I saw them, a long line of laughing, happy people decked out in a rainbow of color, bright umbrellas and an excitement that never waned.  

The rest is history.  We splashed, climbed, hugged, laughed, played, chased windblown umbrellas, hid, occasionally ran for cover, and laughed some more.  The kids were angels (and so were the grandmothers).  As Letia wrote in a note later, we didn't just photograph memories, we created them.

It is rare to find a family so endearing, so warm, that after an hour together you feel not only comfortable with them but accepted and included as a true part of the family.  It is with gratitude that I post these previews, for the memories made and the memories to come.