Preview: Cassidy Family

I love family sessions.  Each in it's own way, inspiring and memorable.  
But some just stand out in a way that reminds me why I do this in the first place.  Those sessions are more than photographing people, but are instead opportunities to record memories of the relationships in each family.  The love, the silliness, the devotion.  I love seeing a husband's love for his wife reflected in the way his son treats his daughter.  I love watching the youngest child soak up the adoration and the oldest child beam with pride.  I love watching the wife shine when her husband's eyes are on her, and her alone.  

This session, my last of 2011, was one of those sessions.    

I just love this family.  So relaxed and cool - an urban setting in downtown Phoenix was the perfect match for them.  We found lots of graphics to play with... from painted hearts to red doors to Billie Holiday murals.  Their kiddos were so fun, and put up with (very) chilly temperatures with great attitudes.  I enjoyed everything about this session.  

Enjoy your previews, Cassidy family!  


Preview: Morrison Family

From sweet family to rockstar divas in five minutes flat.  
Three outfit changes, one rock n roll guitar, and a lot of pink ruffles on that little tutu.  
The Morrisons were SO fun to hang out with and photograph ... 
... not to mention creative and insanely beautiful!  
Enjoy your previews!

Aside from the gorgeous Morrison kids, their Mickey and Minnie pez dispensers were my best buddies that day.  Bribery is a fabulous things with little kiddos, and with toys (and snacks) that good, we had no issues whatsoever!  

And because there is nothing cuter than a little rock star... one last one for the road.