Preview: The Wolf Family

First things first:  It was freezing cold in Portland the morning we shot this.  Maybe literally.  I don't think I could feel my toes for a solid three hours after the shoot was over. 

Second things second:  I have never in my life seen a family deal with cold temperatures as gracefully as the Wolf family. They played and explored Portland with me (WITHOUT JACKETS) and just impressed me in every way possible.  

Disclaimer:  Sometimes a stop at a local cafe for a cup of hot chocolate (mid-photo shoot) is simply necessary.  

Angela, Warren and Liam - enjoy your photos!  Thank you for such a fun morning!



Preview: Inga + Nate's Wedding

After a recent move to Oregon, it was refreshing to hop on a Arizona-bound plane to shoot Inga and Nate's wedding day.  The blue skies charmed us, as did the old west feel of the Tubac resort where everyone stayed for the weekend. After a short shuttle ride to a winery in Elgin, we were treated to a gorgeous ceremony venue and a breathtaking sunset.  

I absolutely adore shooting small, intimate weddings.  By the end of the day, everyone feels like family and the usual bustling and chaos of a wedding just isn't there with a small group.  It's peaceful and relaxed for everyone, including me.  

Inga and Nate were ridiculously fun to photograph (and also ridiculously beautiful people).  They are so sweet together - flirtatious, calm and absolutely head over heels in love.  

Inga and Nate, enjoy your previews!  Thank you for such a memorable weekend!