Baby Abigail: Newborn Preview

Sweet Abigail is only ten days old and has already accomplished 
some fairly significant milestones for a newborn:  

1)  She already has a personality of her own.  Love it.  
2) She has a fabulous arrangement of hair accessories and stylish shoes.  
(You'll kindly excuse the abundance of "foot shots" in this preview.)  
3)  She has developed an important trait:  Determination.  
As in, she didn't sleep a wink for our two-hour session.  
4)  She has her parents wrapped around her little finger... as it should be.  

Maelyn and Matias are amazing parents already - they are naturals.  Doting, affectionate, sensitive to each other, and wildly in love with their baby girl, they welcomed me into their (beautiful!) home for our session last week.  Somewhere between the eighth pair of baby shoes and the fifteenth hair flower it became abundantly clear that never has a little girl been so cherished.  

Enjoy your previews, and this sweet stage in your growing family's life!  

And to wrap it up... 
a fabulous cry shot that (trust me on this) you will cherish in the future, Maelyn and Matias.  
Maybe not so much now, but definitely in the future.  

What?  What's that you say?  You want to see ANOTHER foot shot?  
Oh, ok.  I suppose I could manage that.