Wedding Bells! Amanda + Mark

Happy Matrimony, Amanda & Mark!  The Wigwam Resort in Phoenix was sunny and welcoming last weekend, and the outdoor garden was the perfect setting for a cheerful wedding of yellow and blue.  This event was classy, simple and fun, and I had a fabulous time photographing the newlyweds.  Enjoy your previews, Mr. and Mrs. Rau!  


Manu + Aurelian

So... Blogger decided to get all crazy on me and change everything about it's photo upload interface/options.  I'm not a happy camper right now, but will make due until I can find another blog hosting option.  So please excuse the awkward spacing issues!

However.  This session would look good taped to a paper bag, so without further adieu (or whining about blogger)... here are the preview photos for Manuela & Aurelian, the super-fun-and-fashionable couple that flirt like they're dating, even though it's been nearly seven years of marriage.  

And don't get me started about Hercules, the pint size dog that my cat could eat for breakfast.  Against my own will, I wound up liking him (even though my hands smelled like bacon treats for hours).  




And introducing the first of it's kind... a "our favorite things" series.  She is a die-hard Starbucks girl and he is just as passionate about his gun.  We had to find a secluded area to take these... :)