Amanda + Mark

A little bit country, a little bit indie and a lot sweet. This engagement session was a ton of fun! Thanks for hanging out with me, Amanda and Mark. I can't wait for the wedding!

And of course there are the photos that show the couple's sense of humor... we might have gone a little nuts with the oranges! And the kids (and their parents) on the playground gave us some weird looks. But it's ok - fun should always be part of the equation!


My Munchkins

So after today's photo shoot, I realized my kids were still in cute, relatively clean clothing from church, and that they were still in pretty good moods after not napping all day. And my camera was warmed up, so really, what was I waiting for?

Here you go: My munchkins.


Preview: Becky, Andy, Selina, Skyla, Chance...

... see guys - I remembered ALL your names!

This was a fun afternoon session with a lovely family (if you recognize Becky's face, it's because I photographed her identical twin sister's maternity & newborn sessions.)

I loved every minute of this session - what's more fun than hanging out with a bunch of smart, funny kids? (The answer: Photographing them!) Enjoy guys...

And two more fun ones for the road...!