Jordan & Family

Jordan just turned one last week! What a perfect age to capture with photography... she was sweet, curious, stylish, playful and the perfect subject. This was my second trip to her home in Phoenix and I am even MORE in love with it - blue gates, lots of greenery and sunflowers! Enjoy your previews, Hammerle family!


Kelli's "Arizona to Australia" Shots

Well... aside from the insane heat AND humidity, this was pretty much the perfect photo shoot. Inspiring new locations, SIX perfectly crafted outfits, gorgeous model, good conversation and only getting lost downtown once. I could have posted 100 shots, but I'll try to control myself. Enjoy, Kelli... best wishes as you transition into your next great adventure... soak up every moment.


Preview to a Preview

Dear Phoenix: I'm sorry for ever thinking you didn't offer any cool photography locations. Please accept my deepest apologies.

Dear Kelli: Thank you for restoring the relationship between me and Phoenix... ironically, on your way out of the country. REAL previews coming soon. I just couldn't help myself.


Teasha: Maternity

Meet Teasha. This is our second maternity session, and she looked even more amazing with baby #2! (I LOVE women who understand how sexy pregnancy can be!)

She's 35 weeks along - only a few weeks until she meets her sweet new daughter. Her son joined us for a while, making for some very tender shots (particularly when he showed me how he likes to race hot wheels on mommy's tummy!). Teasha's husband is a marine and currently away from the family - hopefully these shots help him feel closer to his family and new baby!

And because I just can't get enough of Teasha's sweet son... here are a few more "big brother" shots! He really IS going to live up to that shirt and be a great big brother.