Preview: Baby Tyri

I don't even know where to begin with this one...  there just aren't enough words in the world.  

Tyri is impossibly beautiful (like the rest of her family!) and was a dream to work with.  Her mom had some amazing accessories and color combinations ready to go, and her big brother was ready and willing to show off his new baby sister.  The back patio gave us perfect lighting and the Phoenix summer weather was forgiving.  

Alicia, Brian and Jayce... enjoy these memories of your newest family member - she will not stay this small for long!  


All Smiles: Sweet Baby Giana

Oh how I love happy little babies.  

Miss Giana and I are both morning people, so we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out in a little alley in Glendale at 6 a.m. for a sweet little 6-month session.  Honestly, I think it's my favorite stage to photograph.  Babies are usually sitting on their own... they are laughing... interactive and ok with strangers (ie: me!)... pulling to a stand... but not running all over creation.  

Gigi was a delight to photograph, and I'm excited to show off a few of these previews!  (Lots more to come, Amy!)  




Maternity Preview: Bethany's Belly!

As a photographer, I sincerely dislike the expression 
"Well, it would be hard to take a BAD photo with a subject like THAT!"  
Sincerely.  Dislike.  

That said, I fear/suspect that it really would be hard to take a bad photo of Bethany and her 
sweet little baby bump.  She is gorgeous, effortless in front of the camera, stylish, 
and has just about the cutest belly ever.  

These are just a few of my favorites from our recent maternity session... enjoy!