Family Preview: Pearson Family

Our only goal was to find blossoming trees, but a month solid of rain (thanks, Portland!) was making our mission difficult.  Thankfully, a sunny morning and a chance location gave us exactly what we wanted.  I love working the Pearson crew - our sessions are playful, relaxed, and creatively inspired (even when it's early morning and still really, really cold!) 

Enjoy your previews, Pearson family!  You guys are such a delight!




Megan + Steven: Engaged!

This fun couple is getting married THIS Sunday (I can't wait!) at one of my favorite spots in Oregon - a local McMenamins with gorgeous grounds.  We met up to shoot a few engagement shots on location and what I loved most about our time together was how much they make each other laugh!  In addition to this being a great quality in a husband and wife, it will also make their wedding day really fun for their photographer! :)  

Enjoy your previews, Steven and Megan!