Engaged: Cherie + Sam

Rarely in life will you encounter a couple this sweet, this tender, this romantic, or this endearing.  OR this flirtatious.  The six o'clock hour didn't ruin their mood, either, and our session was full of dancing, kissing, laughing and more kissing.  

Cherie and Sam, I hope you enjoy these previews and see in them a glimpse of what the rest of us see in you.  

Meet Mr. Colton

Meet Mr. Colton... a chill little man with a flair for the dramatic:  He debuted into the world weeks earlier than expected, and caused quite a fuss!  Janell's water broke just hours after our maternity photo shoot (whew!) and Colton ended up in the hospital for a while.  Technically, he is weeks old in these photos, much older than I'd recommend for a newborn session.  However, he is still less than 40 weeks, gestationally speaking, so he behaved like a two day old (and in photography world, this is a GREAT thing!).  Little man slept like a dream for us, entertained us with fabulous little faces, and put up with the crazy temps outside like a champ.  

Enjoy these previews, Janell and Chris, and give that little man a hug from me!