Preview: Choncho & His People

While I am admittedly not a dog lover, I do love it when families bring their dogs to their family photo session!  It adds such a fun, spontaneous element to the shoot and tends to bring out natural elements of people's personalities.  

The Evans family was tons of fun to photograph, and we avoided the heat beautifully at the Anthem Community Park.  Their daughters were natural models (so gorgeous and comfortable in front of the camera!!) and Choncho, of course, relished the attention (and extra treats).  

Darren and Arlene, enjoy your previews!     


The Fabulous Franklins

A few things:

1)  Love these parents.  I shot their wedding years ago and knew immediately that they would always be some of my favorite people to photograph.    

2)  Love these kiddos.  Seriously.  I already have a soft spot for little boys, and these four little men are the whole package:  Handsome, hilarious and even polite.  (Well, the littlest man is as polite as a newborn can be, I suppose.)  

3)  Love this location.  However, I won't be using it again for families with little kids!  The Franklins get my award-of-the-year for braving it in the name of good photos.  

Enjoy, enjoy, Franklin fam.