Preview: Urbanowicz Family

Ah... the junkyard.  Full of all kinds of surprises ("Daddy!  Spider!") and hidden treasures of all sorts.  Old firetrucks.  New toy cars.  Rainbow lollipops.  Nuts and bolts.  Also:  Triple digits that made life more than a little rough for two little troopers early one morning in early September.  Thank goodness for the aforementioned firetrucks-cars-lollipops-nuts and bolts.

I love getting to work with the Urbanowicz family when they are in town from their home state of New York.  Aside from their fun accents (I love good accents!!) they are just a really fun family.  Relaxed, silly, up for anything.  Like, for example, photos in the junkyard.  Hypothetically speaking.

Urbanowicz family, enjoy your previews!


Worth the Wait: Baby Paige

Little Miss Paige took her time making her big debut.  A few extra weeks can feel like forever when you are past the 40 week mark... but I think that Brooke and Jonathan would agree that she was worth the wait!  I love how peaceful their home is and how natural Brooke's parenting feels already.  It's relaxed, real and patient.  The fun nursery decorations (and pet desert tortoise!) made for some camera candy too.  The only thing missing was photos with dad, since he had to work.  BUT we're planning to take some daddy/daughter shots on a morning soon!  Can't wait to share some photos of this very sweet, very happy new trio.  Enjoy the previews!