Preview: Wiens Mini Session at Scorpion Gulch

Sometimes it's fun to do a "kids only!" mini session, usually for the purpose of Christmas cards.  But just be warned:  I will convince the accompanying parent to be in at LEAST one photo.  Because in ten/twenty/however many years, your kids will be grateful.  Not that you won't be around.  Just because they'll want to see you when you were young.  Not that you won't be attractive when you're old.  Nevermind... this is getting awkward.

Wiens family, enjoy your preview!  :) 

Preview: Bury Family at Scorpion Gulch

Scorpion Gulch is one of my favorite mini shoot locations because of how much PLAY room it offers.  Kids cannot resist exploring and climbing through the rooms, doorways and windows and adventuring through the natural surroundings.  

Avy had a ball during our session, climbing and jumping to her heart's content (and we had a ball keeping up with her!)

Bethany and Greg, enjoy!  



Preview: Bailey Family at Scorpion Gulch

The Baileys are simply the most joyful family you'll ever meet.  They play, laugh and imagine together, so as you can imagine - photographing them is a dream each and every year.

This year, at Scorpion Gulch, we found the perfect match of style and location.  I love these preview photos NEARLY as much as I love the Baileys themselves.

Renn and Avery, the last photo of your parents is just to make you laugh...