Preview: Pearson Family

As we enter fall, it's a bit nostalgic to finish up these summer sessions.  The sunshine and wildflowers, the freedom and laughter, the warmth and atmosphere.  

The Pearsons would be fun to photograph anywhere, but the Jackson Bottom Wetlands did a beautiful job of showing off this sweet family's personality.  We meandered, picked flowers and enjoyed a lovely morning together.

Pearsons, you are always a joy to photograph!  Enjoy your preview!


Senior Preview: Hannah

Hannah was a joy to photograph for a million and one reasons, not the least of which was her natural beauty, easy laugh and willingness to sit/lay/dance/frolic in fields of Queen Anne's Lace (which is wildly uncomfortable).

With three different outfits, three varied locations and three completely unique looks, this session was creatively engaging and just plain fun.

Hannah (and family) - enjoy these previews!