Preview: Vivienne, Eloise & some grown-ups

Ah, Portland in the Spring.  Everything blooming, everything coming alive (and trying to find sunny moments in between the rain is as exciting as it is maddening).  

This sweet family was a joy to spend time with.  Two sweet sisters and lots of doting adults made for a lovely afternoon.  We blew bubbles, danced, played with (and lost) a giant golden balloon, and Vivienne learned a trick or two with the "big" camera.  Her first portrait is the black and white line up shot, seven photos down.  

Enjoy these previews!  




Preview: The Three Musketeers

These three = Power trio.  Love them as a photographer and friend, and am always impressed with the amount of love and fierce loyalty they display. 

We braved the (biting) cold for a series of two sessions - one with pets, one without!  Let me tell you:  Only the bravest bring their CAT to a photo shoot.  Amazing.  

Enjoy your previews, Liz!