JoLee & Wade - Engaged!

I wasn't prepared for the amount of lovebird-ness and PDA these two brought to their engagement shoot.  And it was marvelous!  Their relationship has brought fresh joy and love to not only their lives, but to the lives of their families and friends.  

JoLee and Wade, I am thrilled for you both, and thrilled to document your wedding in a few months! 

Enjoy your engagement!  




Saoirse @ 6 Months!

When Portland winter days are long and rainy, nothing's better than a cozy in-home session full of blankets, pillows, tiny suitcases and a tinier human.  Sweet Saoirse is six months already, and it is a privilege to document the incredible amount of love and doting that she receives from the rest of the Brittenham crew.  Love, doting, and amazing hats...

Brittenhams, enjoy your previews! 



Peck Family: Two Little Beauties

Meet the sweet Peck family, with the newest addition to their family: Lovely Emmalyn.  The tiny bundle is already so adored by her big sister (and even the family dogs!).  It was a pleasure to spend a rainy, Portland morning inside the warmth and welcome of the Peck home, and to meet their sweet new one.  

Peck family, enjoy your previews!