Preview: Garland Mini Session

The Garlands are not only some of our dearest family friends, but also some of my absolute favorite people to photograph, and seasonal staples (as in, it's not Christmas card photo season if they aren't in front of my camera!)

So when the sad news came that an out of state move was happening (and fast!) we found a morning to squeeze in a few photos.  The mini-est of all mini sessions, but it was still fun.  

Love, love these people.  


Preview: Cates & Mathis Families

Two families, two sweet cousins, two ridiculously amazing dresses.  

We started the session in princess/fairy tale mode and ended downtown with rhinestone-studded collars and sequined hats.  It was a fun morning with two of my favorite families to photograph - and I love that they wanted to photograph their daughters together.  

Cates & Mathis families, enjoy your previews! 


Memphis Preview: Chu Family

The day was overcast and drizzly, but the amount of joy in this family more than made up for it!  Penny and Lydia are my two favorite twins to photograph, and during my last trip to Memphis we spent a little while playing and documenting life from their perspective.  Each girl wanted a turn with the camera, so a few of these photos of individual girls were taken by her sister!  So fun.  

(Next trip, we'll aim for a weekend when the girls' dad is in town.  But as I always say, 3 Chus is better than none.)

 Chu family, enjoy your previews!  

                                                                             (above photo taken by Penny!)

                                                                              (above photo taken by Lydia!)

                                                                         (above photo taken by Lydia!)