Preview: Bailey Family

The Baileys are simply the most joyful family you'll ever meet.  They play, laugh and imagine together, so as you can imagine - photographing them is a dream each and every year.

This year, at Scorpion Gulch, we found the perfect match of style and location.  I love these preview photos NEARLY as much as I love the Baileys themselves.

Renn and Avery, the last photo of your parents is just to make you laugh... 



Preview: Bram Family

So much love in this family! Jordyn and baby Kaycie couldn't have asked for more attentive, affectionate parents.  We played all around downtown Glendale and snuck in a few Christmas pajama photos before heading home.  (My personal favorite photo is at the very bottom... Jordyn kissing her sister in her own special way!)

Bram family, enjoy your previews (and your gorgeous girls!)