Preview: Gabi + Justin

Gabi and Justin were two of my favorite people to photograph - both good-looking (obviously) but also madly in love, flirtatious, stylish and willing to do crazy things to get a good photo.  We visited both sides of Lake Pleasant and found all kinds of great spots, in everything from the marina to an obscure little cove.  If this session was an indication of how much fun their wedding will be, then I am officially counting the days!  Enjoy your previews, friends!  



Suckers for... Heart Suckers

Once a year the mushiest holiday rolls around.  This year, the session closest to Cupid's Day ended up being an engagement session (how perfect!) and a FABULOUS red dress and a few red heart candy suckers were involved.  It was more than fun.

The session consisted of:  A great new location with tons of rich colors, four perfectly coordinated unique outfit combinations, salsa dancing, lots of smooching, candy and two lovebirds.  Needless to say, my camera was a happy camper that day.

Marty and Nicole, enjoy these glimpses into your amazing love for each other.  (And stay this flirty FOREVER !)


Beauty in the Junkyard

Lollipops, rusty old cars, balloons and gorgeous people?  Yes, please.  

This family session was beyond fun, and the location was perfect.  Kelly (wife/woman/mom extraordinaire!) has a knack for finding beauty in unexpected places, and this junkyard was no exception.  She perfectly coordinated the family outfits based off of the oldest son's bow tie and dreamed up the most unique location I have used in ages.  We wandered around, and let the kids explore and (of course) enjoy a sweet treat as well!  

Enjoy your previews, Ross family!