Andrew + Melanie = Engagement Session

Meet Melanie and Andrew.  About to be married, and totally in love.  (That's always a good combination, right?)  We met up for a few shots in downtown Glendale and really enjoyed the time we spent together - I'm looking forward to their wedding!  People who are this chill are sure to have a drama-stress-free wedding.  Enjoy the previews, guys!


Preview: Jada's gonna be a sister!

Sweet Jada was one of my favorite babies to photograph last year - such an easy smile, bright eyes and fun personality!  This year, life is changing and she's about to become a big sister.  We spent a few minutes together last weekend (with her mom and dad, too) documenting these last few moments of life before her little brother arrives!  

And just one more for the road.  Way too many to choose from... Jill makes pregnancy look easy!  



Wedding Preview: Katie & Timmy

And that pretty much sets the tone for the most relaxed, fun wedding I have attended in a while!  Katie and Timmy have such amazing kids, parents, relatives and friends - everyone was drama-free and enjoying the evening.  The ceremony was a simple courthouse ceremony (we took those top photos in the hallway while waiting for our turn in the court room!), and was sweet and meaningful.  The reception looked (and smelled) delicious at a local BBQ joint.  Here's to a lifetime of romantic, sweet, simple gestures.  Best wishes, you two!