A Graduation Love Story: Emily and Josh


This is more than a college senior photo shoot - it's a DOUBLE graduation AND a love story.  Oh happy day!  These two were so much fun to work with!  We explored the campus of their alma mater and captured a sweet stage of their relationship and academic journeys.  

Emily and Josh, thank you for letting me be part of the magic!  Enjoy your previews!  

AZ Preview: Sophie & Jared's World

So fun to work with clients over the years and watch their worlds change!  I photographed Sophie and Jared's wedding years ago and was delighted to reunite with them last fall to document the new magic of their world: Two handsome sons FULL of energy and mischief!  I don't think any of us stood still for the entire session - so much rambunctious fun!  Sophie and Jared - enjoy the preview (but you might have to wait until the boys are asleep...?!).