The Fabulous DeHaans!

Moment of honesty: Big families can be a challenge to photograph, between varying temperaments, trying to keep all the kids happy, and just that number of eyeballs blinking as I click the shutter. 

BUT.  This family was a total dreamboat!  I truly loved each minute with them - so much laughter and love.  DeHaan family, thank you for letting me document this gathering, and please enjoy your previews! 




Ethiopian Heritage Camp: C.O.F.F.E.E.

One of our favorite annual summer activities is attending an Ethiopian camp (appropriately named with the acronym C.O.F.F.E.E!) in central Oregon that is designed for adoptive families.  The whole experience is unique and wonderful - the activities, the people, the colors, the smells, the art, the music, the campfires... it's all fabulous, and we genuinely love being a part of this community.   

This collection of photos reflects just a handful of those moments.  For fellow camp families, you'll receive a link to the full set of photos soon!