Preview: Anderson Family

A little stroll by the river... a little rest on a bridge... a few trips down a playground slide... 
I enjoyed a peaceful and fun afternoon with this little man (and his family!) 
Enjoy your previews, Anderson family!

And one more sweet one... nothing sweeter than a mama loving on her little boy...!


Emily + Jacob = Engaged!

Meet Emily and Jacob... a sweet couple celebrating their engagement (and upcoming wedding!)  
We found a few fun spots on the South side of downtown Glendale 
and enjoyed a relaxed session together in gorgeous weather.  
It was so fun to watch them treat each other with such respect, tenderness, 
admiration, and of course, love.  
Congratulations, love birds... Enjoy your previews!   

Preview: A FUN Trip to PCH

This session isn't about just one of the Gonce children.  But sometimes an experience with one child in a family will mold and shape that family into who they were meant to be.  

Such is the case with sweet baby Bree.  Born devastatingly early (and weighing one pound) Bree's first weeks, months and years put this sweet family through more than they had bargained for.  But they emerged stronger, happier and closer than they had bargained for, too.

With a new outlook on life (complete with unmatched endurance, patience and a commitment to love anyone in their path no matter the personal sacrifice) the Gonces decided to do their family photo session at their second home - the local Children's Hospital.  It was such a rush to reclaim what has been such a traumatic and terrifying place to so many and turn it into beauty, creativity, and joy.

The Gonce's face yet another impending trial:  In just a few days, Adam will deploy for a year.  I know Tasha has been equipped to handle what lays ahead.  Her resilience and strength are inspiring.  Her deep love for her children is heart-warming.  And her ability to take one day at a time is something we all can learn from.