Preview: Jesse's Family

The Romero family is SO FUN.  We dug up some new spots for photos in Phoenix for Jesse's senior photos (and a few family/sibling shots too...) and managed to schedule it on the same day as "Pantsless in AZ" sent a few hundred people in their underwear walking all over downtown.  So, don't look too closely at the people in the background.  Just in case.  

Enjoy your previews, Romeros...!

 And, seriously, what teenage boy DOESN'T need a few photos of his mom kissing him.  
AND leaving lipstick marks.  

You are welcome, Jesse.  


Preview: Watson Family

My favorite trio to photograph.  Ever. 

I love that the Watsons are full of adventure and are always up-for-anything, even in the crazy (relative) cold of an early (desert) morning!  We found a few fun spots downtown and made a morning of photo-taking, laughing and suspender-adjusting.  I love Sarah's fierce love for her boys, and how much they adore her - these three would do anything for each other.  Such a beautiful family!

Watsons, enjoy your preview...