Arizona: One Giant Sneak Peek

I am up to my eyeballs in editing the wonderful memories captured during the latest Arizona photo trip.  Before I start posting individual previews, I wanted to do a quick overview of the whole trip... one (or two) photos per session.  Each of these clients are special to me in a different way - most I have been working with for years, and I simply love the relationships that form, especially getting to watch the kiddos grow up and the families grow together.  

AZ folks, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Enjoy the sneak peek!


Texas Wedding: Donnie & James

Family is a funny word.  Too often we limit it's definition by bloodline and obligation, when in reality, it's much more complex.  Because people who are supposed to hold on let go.  And in the wake of crisis, the people who have no obligation to hold on stay close.  And the beauty is extreme and boundaries shift and suddenly hearts are filled by people who were never meant to fill these roles in the first place, but do it effortlessly.

I could write paragraphs but I'll just say this:  This wedding was a family wedding.

My grandmother picked out that shade of blue for the door.  The vintage bathtub was on our family farm before we were.  My mother's memory filled up each and every room.  
The garden statues.  The family quilts.  My father's full heart.  

Donnie and James have walked through the fire, personally, and have demonstrated to everyone watching the beauty that can come with rebirth.  And it's breathtaking.

Enjoy your previews, you TX lovebirds.  See you soon.