Baby Boston: Mini Session

Meet sweet, studly little Boston.  He has already perfectly the "steely gaze" and the "manly muscle flex".  I love that we were able to catch peeks of his beautiful baby blues AND a sweet little nap during our mini-session.  Enjoy your previews!


Janell's Baby Bump: Just In Time!

I should say this up front:  When a couple brings "Got Milk?" shirts to a maternity shoot, it pretty much guarantees that you're going to have a good time during the shoot!

Downtown Glendale was good to us, even at my newly favorite hour of 6 a.m.  We found a few new little street corners to explore, and enjoyed Janell's last day of pregnancy together (her water broke the next morning!).  Baby Colton made his entrance weeks early, much to everyone's surprise.

Janell and Chris, enjoy these previews!


Carolyn's Family: 4 Feet + 8 Paws

Sometimes photographing someone's family doesn't just include "people".  Carolyn's two sweet furry kiddos were the stars of our shoot and didn't seem to mind the fact that I'm not really a dog person.  They were very forgiving, especially once I busted out the bacon treats.  

Enjoy these fabulously unique family previews!