Stylish Senior

My love for downtown Phoenix has officially been re-kindled, thanks to Sara and her mom.  We drove to parts I haven't seen before, and found tons of inspiration and color in unlikely places.  (Sara's four fabulous outfits didn't hurt anything either!)  Congrats on your graduation, Sara.  Enjoy the previews...




Preview: Ritzke Family

It's crazy to watch how fast other people's kids grow.  I remember the last time I saw baby Reid like it was yesterday - at our newborn session - and he was TINY.  This little guy is practically a man now, at the ripe old age of 15 months.

We met up at Saguaro Ranch and spent a little while capturing his sweet personality and documenting a few beautiful moments during this precious era of family life.  Enjoy your previews, Ritzke family!


Wild Encounter

During my session this morning, I came a little too close to someone's personal space... :)


Meet the Mortons

I know.  Fabulous, isn't it?  It's not a typical family portrait, for sure... 

I guess that's more like it.  But I'm a fan of both looks... traditional meets sophisticated.  Or sweet and sassy finally hook up.  However you look at it, you'll love the Mortons.  Enjoy these previews and a glimpse into their lovely family.