Preview: A Grandparents' Session

Grandparents are special people.  And when a family decides to give the gift of photos to their parents/grandparents, it's a beautiful thing.  We met up at Marley Park and worked quickly (thank you, Arizona heat!) but managed to capture some sweet moments that I hope will be family keepsakes for years to come!  


Wedding Preview: Stephanie & Rob

When two established families come together through marriage, the day tends to take on a special, meaningful tone.  And rarely will you see two families so absolutely designed for each other as Stephanie's and Rob's.  The ceremony was lovely, the reception was vibrant and the love was overflowing.  I loved that they shared a "first touch" moment before the ceremony where they held hands around a wall corner, but waiting to actually see each other until the wedding.  

Stephanie and Rob, enjoy your previews!