Arizona Preview: Bury Family

Perhaps my most colorful session to date!  Spending time (even if only an hour) with the Bury family is one of my Arizona highlights each year.  They are beautiful people, and easy to photograph, and the girls are always up for a playful adventure and a bit of silliness.  This year their (perfect) outfits were helped out even more by Phoenix's (improving) mural scene.  

Bury family, enjoy your previews!



Arizona Preview: The Jesse Family

There are simply no words for how much love is contained in this session.  

These beautiful twins, born into a marriage grounded in so much joy and expectation and genuine love and music...  This sweet home, overflowing with peace and color and artistry and Jesus... 

The result is work I am deeply proud of, but only because my camera and I somehow captured a fraction of the magic of the Jesse family.