Preview: Elias Family

Years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding...  And just a few days ago, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the beautiful Elias family, documenting this precious time in their lives.  

The most memorable part of the whole afternoon was watching the sisterly bond Faith and Olivia share.  It's so unbelievably sweet and doting - it's rare to see such adoration and love between siblings so many years apart.  We took a few photos of each of them in their mom's wedding dress, too.  
It was such a sweet idea, and a beautiful moment.  

Elias family - enjoy your previews! 




Preview: Lawrie Family Maternity

Maternity sessions are some of my absolute favorite sessions in the world.  Especially with good weather, perfect light, a dog running around and a mom and dad who are perfectly comfortable in their own skin.  

The desert was good to us for this session.  A random rain shower eased up just minutes before we began shooting and left us with a gorgeous Arizona blue sky full of white clouds - a rare treat in these parts.  

The weather wasn't the only beautiful thing at the session - Tiffany was a joy to photograph!  She coordinated three perfect outfits for her perfect little baby bump and absolutely radiated with that specific type of beauty and calm only mothers-to-be know.  

Lawrie family, enjoy these sneak peeks, and these final days of being a family of two!