Preview: Sweet Adelyn

A sweet baby girl with a proud big sister: There are few things as delightful to photograph as this!  I loved hanging out with the Counts family for a few hours after the arrival of their second beautiful daughter.  They are truly natural as a family of four!

Enjoy your previews, Holly & David!



Hannah: Senior Preview

After every senior shoot, I always think, "THAT was my favorite senior shoot.  Definitely that one."  And as this was my most recent senior shoot, I'm still convinced this was the best one yet.  

Hannah is a natural beauty, confident in her own skin (and therefore in front of my camera!).  She had a marvelous team of helpers (sisters and moms are the best!) and we found a unique, quirky location (Forest Grove!).  Add in a musical instrument, red shoe laces and a comic book... Photography heaven, people.

Enjoy your previews!