Preview: Morrison Family

From sweet family to rockstar divas in five minutes flat.  
Three outfit changes, one rock n roll guitar, and a lot of pink ruffles on that little tutu.  
The Morrisons were SO fun to hang out with and photograph ... 
... not to mention creative and insanely beautiful!  
Enjoy your previews!

Aside from the gorgeous Morrison kids, their Mickey and Minnie pez dispensers were my best buddies that day.  Bribery is a fabulous things with little kiddos, and with toys (and snacks) that good, we had no issues whatsoever!  

And because there is nothing cuter than a little rock star... one last one for the road.  


Tea Party in the Desert

Meet the fabulous Velesko family.  They are some of my favorite folks to photograph, not only because they are a good lookin' family, but also because of their sense of creativity and adventure.  This "desert tea party" was months in the making and required some etsy-ordering and off-roading to accomplish.  The girls did beautifully in the chilly morning temperatures, thoroughly enjoying every minute of their tea party, and Kristy and Shawn were troopers too, holding the bubble machine just so and watching out for snakes in those snake holes.  (I did say "desert" tea party, didn't I?)

But before we go too much further, I have to show off my favorite image from the whole morning.  Aurora is such a sweet big sister (remember when Harley was first born?) and I just loved this moment frozen in time.  

Ok!  Back to business.  Enjoy your previews, Velesko family!  

Ok.  I'm cutting myself off before I post their ENTIRE session on the blog.  
But really quickly... one more.  My second favorite from the day.  

Bubbles + tea hats + tea party + sweet little girls = Happy Photographer.  

Preview: Tekulve Family

The Tekulve family is one of my seasonal highlights!  Those girls could not be more beautiful, or more fun to hang out with.  Last weekend, we explored some familiar spots in Phoenix and then wandered off to some new (fabulous!) locations, too.  Enjoy your previews, Tekulves!