Preview: Ripke Family (and friends!)

It's a sad, sad day when long time clients move away.  The Ripkes are some of my favorite people to photograph and I will genuinely miss our annual tradition (and that amazing quilt...)!  

Our final photos were especially memorable, as their best friends joined them for the last half of the session.  Two sibling sets who are also best friends + four red suckers = a fabulous morning.  

Enjoy your previews, Ripkes (and Gnepper/Hammerles!) 


Preview: Le + Erin = Engaged!

Le and Erin are one of the sweetest couples you'll ever meet.  Individually, they are both friendly, talkative and just very enjoyable people... but together they are perfection.  Together they are confident and calm.  Together they are relaxed and tender.  I love everything about the way they interact, and I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding this spring.

Le and Erin, enjoy your previews!