Maternity: Jennifer #2

Meet Jennifer #2. She braved crazy heat and early morning hours for these shots - and I'm glad she did! Gorgeous outfits + gorgeous pregnant lady = amazing session. (And - the first "real time" preview on the blog - which is why there are WAY too many shots posted here!)


Ginger + David

Ah yes... Ginger & David. A long drive to a new location and worth every minute. These two are beyond adorable and are happily counting down to an October wedding. Enjoy the previews!


Maternity: Jennifer #1

As luck would have it, I have TWO Jennifer maternity sessions within a few weeks of each other. So, as a really personal way to distinguish them, I consider them Jennifer #1 and Jennifer #2. Nice, huh.

Meet Jennifer #1... a Hollywood-gorgeous woman EVEN with a baby bump. It's ridiculously unfair to the rest of the world... but my camera's not complaining! Enjoy the previews, guys!