Colorado Preview: Kimberly & David

They say it is a mark of intelligence to have fun no matter what you are doing.  If that's true, then Kimberly Underwood Berry is the most intelligent person you'll ever meet.  She not only has fun doing anything (anything!) but she also makes sure that everyone around her does, too - she is contagious.  

She has been perfectly matched to a husband who adores, appreciates and admires her - that much is obvious to the world.  I will say this:  A lot of kissing happened at our session.  A lot.  

Kim and David's relationship is bursting at the seams with spontaneity, passion, flirtation, quiet moments, loud moments, laughter and a deep respect for each other that I wish I saw in every marriage.  

We explored a trendy new part of Denver, managed to NOT step on the sleeping people in the weeds, took advantage of an unmanned trolley, had a coffee date and cleaned up all the dog poop for which we were responsible.  

To say it was a good afternoon would be an understatement of monumental proportions.  
Enjoy your previews, fabulous people.  

Um, and this last one is for you, Kim.  And for all the people who think these spikes do anything to deter the sheer determination of a city pigeon.