Preview: Reid Family

Sometimes a family is just too good looking NOT to post a giant photo to start the preview.  Seriously.  The good-looking-ness is out of control.  

In other news, it was a great session.  New location (Old Town Scottsdale!)... fresh inspiration after my Chicago trip... fun, bright colors... a little sass, a little spunk... a lot of hide and seek... it was just a lovely session.  Enjoy your previews, Reids!  


Preview: Prelude to a Daughter

Tiny crocheted slippers... silky pink ribbons... delicate mini accessories... it's a girl!  
Enjoy your previews, Hermesdorf family!  


Mini Senior Session: Brinlee

Today's last session was a fun and fast one.  We're doing Brinlee's senior session this Fall (and I can't wait!) but today's was a quick headshot for a specific project.  She is so fun to photograph, and in a grand total of about 10 minutes, we got a handful of great shots.  Here are a few of them...