Memphis preview: Chu Family

Such colorful, playful, richly meaningful childhood experiences are rare.  Each and every time, it is an honor to photograph these sweet girls and their inspirational mama.  (One of these times, we'll manage to catch their also-inspirational dad while he's in town!)

The Memphis weather rarely cooperates with me (read: lots of overcast skies and rain!) and honestly, this day was starting to feel frustrating as a result.  The Chu family has a way of turning things around for the better and we decided on rain play as the session itself... best decision ever.  The joy on their faces is absolutely real!  

After they dried off (and so did Memphis), we got a few additional shots, which I also love.  But the rain play photos are my favorites and will serve as a reminder to me that the role of a photographer is not to manufacture moments, but rather to help create memories.

As ever, thank you, Chu family!




Memphis Preview: Armes Kiddos

Sweet Southern siblings.  Loved the precious moments I spent with these three, loved the sweet evening light, love the magic feel of Summer nights in the South.