Preview: Maggie Jane

Little girls are just fun.  The bright colors and accessories bring out the kid in me every time... and suddenly I'm back in elementary school, dressing up my dolls.  Maggie Jane joined her family nearly two months ago, so while we didn't get any sleepy shots, we did get a lot of footage of her (wide awake!) big, beautiful eyes!  Enjoy the previews, Robin & Frank!    


Sweet Baby Ashton

Is there anything cuter than a sweet, sleepy new life?  I think not.  Little Ashton was a dream to work with and I just can't get enough of these fun photos (partly because of the fabulous chair his mama found for the shoot!).  Family photos coming soon... this was just "part A" of the whole session.  Enjoy the previews, Bram family!  (And excuse the wonky spacing... blogger is NOT my friend today!) 

Preview: Denise

Meet Denise.  Lovely, sophisticated, fun and confident.  We spent an hour in Glendale creating some fun images for her boyfriend as a surprise birthday present - what a cool idea!  Enjoy your previews, Denise!