Preview: Wiens Family

It's amazing what you can accomplish in 30 minutes when a) you know the people (and especially the kiddos) involved... and b) when all of the aforementioned people (and especially kiddos) arrive with huge smiles and happy hearts.  

Scroll down for a few photos of our guest of honor and accidental photo session mascot:  Hailey, the cute yet kind of creepy baby doll.

Wiens family... enjoy your previews!    

Now.  About Hailey.  

Lexi's fun little "can I bring her with us?" toy ended up being the accidental theme of our little session.  Between photo bombs, strange poses and creepy doll-outside-the-window references, it was beyond hilarious.  

In honor of our unassuming guest of honor, here are a few "Hailey" photos...