Preview: Dann Family

Sometimes, by December, photographers can grow a little... weary... of family sessions.  
(No offense, everyone.  I love you all.)  

And it's usually just then that the most unexpectedly fabulous and energizing session happens.  All I promised this family-of-six was really good outtakes.  Seriously.  I never dreamed we would a) have so much fun, b) do so many ninja kicks, c) get so many everyone-actually-smiling-at-the-camera shots and d) did I mention have so much fun?  All four kiddos were SAD the session had to end when the sun set.  "What?? No more pictures??"  

Dann family, thank you for the amazing afternoon, and for the privilege of spending time with your sweet family.  Enjoy your previews :)  


And... Sorry, Lindsey... but you KNEW I had to.  The pose du'jour.  For who knows what reason.