Preview: Garland Family

Dear Garland Family, 

I love you as much (or maybe even more) than Emma loved her orange in the above photo.  

Which, if you remember, was quite a lot.  

I love how silly and sweet your girls are and how ridiculously well you dress them for photo shoots.  

I love how our families have grown together over the years.  And I love that we have 
photos of our kids together at every stage of their lives so far.  
Taken, of course, mostly with iPhones.  Naturally.  

But today, I especially love you for your sense of adventure and willingness to try 
out new (dirty) locations in fancy clothes (and stilettos).  


Your Photographer

P.S.  My apologies for the very last photo... but I had no choice.  It had to be done. 

 And... just because there's usually that ONE image that captures the essence of the session...