Preview: Detroit Marriage (Again)

Me + airplanes-taking-me-to-other-states-to-shoot-weddings = Happiness.  We all know this.  

But THIS time, I had a few extra perks thrown in.  

1)  Brand new city to me.  Even having grown up in Chicago, I had somehow managed never to make it to D-town.  Until now.  
2)  My husband and his mad videography skills joined me on the trip.  Hello fun.  We could be making a habit of this have-nice-cameras-will-travel routine.  And yes, I included a photo of him in this preview.  I just can't help it.  He's irresistible.    
3)  No event-related stress!  The bride and groom, the lovely and charming Jessica and Ryan, had actually tied the knot nine months earlier in Hawaii.  This even was just one giant party to celebrate with their friends/families in their hometown.  

Aside from it raining nonstop until moments before photo time (hello, anxiety) this was a crazy relaxed and fun event to be a part of.  We shuttled around Detroit looking for fun spots for bridal party photos (read:  old buildings and awkward statues...) and landed at the reception site, the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is a FABULOUS place for a reception.

Ryan & Jess, enjoy your previews!  We are excited to share more with you soon!