Preview: The Baileys go to San Diego

When a photographer and her friends/clients decide to take their professional relationship to-the-next-level and meet up while on vacation for their annual photo shoot, a few things happen:

1)  The photographer (and her camera) get to breathe fresh air.  Fresh colors.  Fresh everything.
2)  The clients are more relaxed than usual.  Vacation, dude.  No worries. 
3)  All their other friends get jealous.  I'm seeing more vacation photo shoots in my future.   
4)  The photographer overshoots like a mad woman, so the clients end up with waaaaayyyyy more photos than they should.  And waaaaaayyyy more preview photos.  

That was my fancy way of saying that I adore these photos.  Also, that there are too many of them.  

If you love the Bailey family AND/OR San Diego AND/OR me... you'll enjoy this set.  

Happy previews, Baileys.

(p.s. My kiddos make a sneak peek appearance in this post at the end... they love their friends!)

I did promise one of our kiddos... so here you go.  Four friends happily looking for dolphin fins (the boys) and making mud pies by depositing sand in every fold of their clothing (the girls).  I treasure their sweet friendships!