Preview: Welcome, Baby Emma Rae!

Over the past year, I have noticed a shift in my approach to newborn photography.  Babies are cute/sweet/adorable/fun-to-put-in-cute-baskets and all that.  But I have come to realize that in a newborn session, the parents are actually the most important subjects.  

Because this stage of life - this beautiful snapshot of a moment I have the honor of capturing - is really more about the parents' experience than anything else.  The love they have for each other - the pride in their growing family.  The nerves or exhaustion or even the disbelief at the number of dirty diapers.  These are the memories they will laugh and cry about for years to come when remembering this time.  

A recent client told me that she and her husband were joking about having their newborn photo session, saying, "You know those old photos of our parents?  The ones where we can't believe how young and skinny they looked?  THESE photos will be THOSE photos for our baby!"  And she was right.  

That sweet baby will want to be able to look back and have a peek into the before-I-could-remember version of her parents.  The home they lived in, the way the nursery was decorated, the kind of clothes the grown-ups were wearing.  These photos really are as much a gift for for the baby's future as they are to spread the word to friends and family today. 

Baby Emma Rae, you are already so loved and treasured.  Even your family dogs love you.  Really and truly.  I know your childhood will be filled to overflowing with happy and hilarious memories, and when you want to reach back in time just a bit farther than your memory allows, I hope these photos will do the trick.