Newborn Preview: Baby Luca

Half the fun of photography is that things never go as planned.  Especially when it comes to newborns. When you expect wide awake, you get sweet and sleepy.  When you expect sweet and sleepy, you get... wait for it... wide awake.  And while it can be easy to mourn the lack of cute baskets and props you were able to use, if you did let the frustration in then you'd miss out on the beauty that was right in front of your eyes:  A brand new family.  A brand new family functioning like a family does in REAL life - soothing a crying baby, taking turns changing diapers, loving each other while figuring it all out.  

Lawrie family, it was a privilege spending a few hours together, ignoring the (extremely) fabulous props and instead focusing on your sweet baby boy.  I'm so glad he has you and you have him... you all are a match made in heaven.  Enjoy your previews!