Wedding Preview: Gabi + Justin

Gabi and Justin's wedding was everything a wedding should be ... calm, intimate, tender and at the same time, exploding with love, excitement and community.  They selected each feature and detail with precision:  the Castle at Ashley Manor was the perfect location for them, a bouquet of broaches provided the right amount of sparkle and sophistication, a lock and key ceremony expressed their view on purity in a unique way, and even the lit up balloon release at the end of the night was a beautiful celebration of the whole evening.  

As usual, my usual list of wedding preview disclaimers apply.  There are too many photos here... and even so, they barely scratch the surface of what's to come.  I am having far too much fun playing with new editing styles to reign it in (even for a preview!) and for this wedding I offer a new disclaimer:  You may regret the style choices you made at your own wedding.  Just saying.  

Without further ado... I share with you the previews of a memorable, beautiful occasion!