Preview: The Hoylers

Meet the Hoylers.  They are mature, responsible, upstanding citizens of the West Valley.

They never pick their noses, or randomly cha-cha on the streets of Glendale.  And they certainly never cling to street poles like the ship is going down.  Another thing they never do:  Hang upside down on benches or dog pile for no good reason.  I have absolutely never seen them re-enact the "King of the World" moment from a random parking garage balcony.  Other things they don't do:  Pet bird murals or play hide 'n seek behind wooden posts.

Another thing they don't do:  Have boring photo sessions.  :)



Quick side note:  Jerry grew up in Glendale, so we meandered up and down the streets of Old Town, learning all kinds of tidbits about the area.  He told us about an old barber shop he used to go to as a kid... which we found.  It was a fun little foray in the middle of our educational morning!