The Watson Family

No, we didn't draw a happy face on a rock in a protected desert environment.  We just found it that way.  I'm sure it just grew naturally on it's own.

But I did enjoy every minute of an hour in the White Tanks with one of my favorite families - the fabulous Watsons.  Those boys are growing like weeds, and are seriously more fun every year.

Mr. Noble is a little charmer, and has some pretty smooth moves on that skateboard... the girls are (understandably) already going wild...

And Halon is killing me with those AMAZING freckles.  He is a good brother, and getting really good with that football.  He is such a great kiddo.  

And let's not forget the fabulous parents that go along with the dynamic duo.  But don't call them "fatty".  Only they can call each other that.

Seriously... have you ever seen a better looking family?  I love the Watsons.  And so does my camera.