The Beautiful Belles

Just a happy morning spent playing with the beautiful Belle girls.  I have been photographing them since their oldest was still inside her Mama... and even though their family now lives out of state, a quick trip to Arizona was the perfect excuse for some updated shots of their sweet babies.  

Phoenix in January cannot decide if it's Winter or Spring, so we made the most of both worlds.  Glendale was the perfect spot for our session, with both quiet alleys and sunny stretches of grass.

A flowering pair of sunglasses turned out to be the ideal prop for both adorable shots of the girls, but also the reason for the laughter captured in the shot below.  It's my favorite of the whole morning... 

And my second favorite is this one, the "behind the scenes" shot for how we got some early morning smiles out of a sleepy three year old.  Little sisters always make the best props.

Enjoy your previews, Belle ladies.  Just a few more photos over here, since I can't get enough of a good thing!