Decisions, Decisions!

So, I've made it to round 2 of a fun little photography contest with Matilda Jane - a sweet girl's clothing line.

Out of 1,000 applicants, the 50 of us that were chosen were shipped an outfit (top, pants, green flower clip) and instructed to photograph them however we liked, so long as all three items were in the final shot.

Last Sunday, my favorite little redhead and I headed to the desert (along with her mom and a car FULL of props, shoes and accessories!) and had a little fun. It was a ball, really, and I'm more than pleased with how the shots are coming out.

Here's the problem: I can only submit ONE shot... and I cannot decide. Well, I have 2 favorites. But I'm curious to know your opinions.

1: 2:
3: 4:
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