The Camera Turned On Me

Last week, Arizona was a happier place. One of my dearest and oldest friends came to town to visit my family. Aside from being smart, beautiful and hilarious (shoot system!) she also has an eye for good photography.

She's also stubborn. So when she insisted that we allow her to do a session with MY family, she didn't take no for an answer. And believe me, we tried to say no. (My kids are fabulous, but they are not great in front of a camera. I believe the correct term is "desensitized". It's my fault, I know.)

So we headed to the desert - Daniel even brought his new camera to join in the shutter fun. (And some of you will be happy to know that I now understand the meltdowns about the family wardrobe prior to a session: This was me. Actual tears and panic. We had to do a drive-by of Target to pick up something grey for Violet that would match. Problem solved.)

It was beautiful team work - I adjusted the camera settings, described the shot I would take, handed over my camera and Stephanie did the rest! I only took it back a few times to do a few shots of my kids. I know, I have control problems. But seriously - I have SO enjoyed editing these and playing around with such lovely shots of my family. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude!

We spent the afternoon laughing, hugging, kissing, dancing, playing and just relaxing. It was such a great reminder (from my own camera) of what to focus on during my photo sessions. It was good to experience the whole thing from a different angle!