Preview: Pearson Family

Once in a while, a session comes along that reminds me why I do this.  I love documenting people - solo sessions, weddings, babies - but at my core, I am a family photographer.  I love immersing myself into a family for an hour or two, learning their rhythms and interactions, and then preserving those precious relationships in a way that showcases their true beauty - a kind of beauty sometimes the family cannot always see.  That's why you hire a photographer - not to get good photographs of the kids (although that's always nice) - but instead, to preserve something of the intangible qualities of your family.

And this one, with its perfection combination of evening light, suspenders and love... this one was magical.  I loved my time with the Pearson family, walking through my favorite bit of woods in an Oregon Summer twilight.  

Pearsons - I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!