Portland Preview: Matson Family

After my marathon photojournalistic family session in Denver a few weeks ago (remember the Frandinas?) I wanted to try a shorter version of the same concept:  Minimal "smile at the camera" moments and more relaxed as-you-usually-are moments.  Last weekend in Portland, I had my chance.  The fabulous Matsons were game for any and everything and their home featured lots (and lots) of natural light as well as beautiful in-bloom yards.  

Have I mentioned that they are also the most ridiculously nice, fun and beautiful humans ever?  No?  Well, they are, and that always makes a photo shoot extra fun.

We were efficient!  In about an hour and a half, they managed to play soccer, inspect millipedes, build lego creations, enjoy art time, wrestle with dad, read books together, ride bikes, make silly faces, jump on the bed and even smile for the camera a few times.  Honestly, this style of family session is quickly becoming my favorite.  It's playful, honest and has the best chance of capturing the real personalities and real interactions in a family.

Matsons, you were a DREAM to work with.  Thank you for inviting me into your home!
Enjoy your previews! 


This session was so ridiculously fun it deserves it's very own "outtakes" section... 
Just a few of the silliest moments of the morning...