Colorado Preview: Frandina Family

Every photographer needs the kind of client who says, "We know we want you to take our photos, but we don't have any great inspirations about what to do.  Got any ideas?" Because rest assured, that photographer does have ideas.

For months, I had been mulling over the idea of doing a 100% photojournalistic family session.  No "smile at the camera", no direction from me, just documentation of that particular slice of real life.  

The Frandinas were perfect candidates to try out my idea, for a multitude of reasons:  

1)  They have a new (unbelievably gorgeous) house that has a lot of "in process" projects underway - photos featuring the house would both show it off and preserve a few moments of the home's evolution.  

2)  In addition to two older sons, they also have a new baby.  And as we all know, life after a baby is both tender and chaotic.  I knew I wanted to document these early moments between the three brothers, especially because their dad was raised in a three brothers home, too.  

3)  They are long-distance friends of mine.  I wasn't a complete stranger to any of them (and the boys warmed up quickly), which allowed everyone to relax a bit and not be so conscious of a camera following them around.  

We took these over the span of two days - a few hours each day.  One day was intentionally left "as is" - just leave the house as is, wearing whatever you are already wearing, doing whatever you end up doing.  No planning.  The following day we decided to set up a few favorite activities - we posed the question, "What memories from THIS era of life do you want to remember most?"  Bubble baths, baking cookies, reading together, etc.  We ended up with a few set up shots (smile!) but with at least 95% of the session undirected in any way.  Success.  

Frandina family, you already know that this is probably my favorite session ever.  Thank you for being vulnerable with me and for trusting me enough to try out some crazy idea!